Focus areas
Bioinformatics of genomes and proteomes, network models, systems biology, teaching bioinformatics, bacterial genomics, microbial communities

Description of research
The Group is primarily is interested in the general principles of intercellular communication with special regard to genomics/proteomics of microbial communities. Microbial communities play fundamental roles in health and disease as well as the stability of the ecosystem. A better understanding of these systems may provide insights into the mechanisms of infections, epidemics as well as environmental and social processes. The stated goal of the Group is to develop non-conventional views of biological data that we hope to achieve by developing novel techniques of genome bioinformatics, data-mining, agent-based modeling as well as the integration of heterogeneous data sources and high throughput data. Students of the Group are expected to conduct research in one of these areas as well as to get a thorough knowledge on modern bioinformatics tools.



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Sándor Pongor

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