Systems Bioinformatics

Coordinator: Balázs Ligeti, research associate, PhD
Credit value: 3
Type of the class: lecture + practicals (2 + 1 hours)
Form of testing: exam, group project assignment
Required preliminary studies: Introduction to Bioinformatics (BSc course)


Advanced course in systems bioinformatics. The aim of the course is to provide deeper and hands-on knowledge in the fields of bioinformatics working with complex data, from a systems biology perspective, especially dealing with large scale sequencing data. DNA sequencing, covering the topics of metagenomics, exome sequencing, RNA-seq, etc. Not only focus on sequence data but on various complex network representations (including hierarchical networks) of the data. Another important aspect of the course is to give an insight into the basic text mining tools to understand the texts as one of the most important layers of data networks. The course is about understanding and designing complex pipelines.

Recommended Literature

  • Molecular Data Analysis Using R (Csaba Ortutay, Zsuzsanna Ortutay) ISBN: 978-1-119-16502-6
  • Kernel Methods for Pattern Analysis (Nello Cristianini, John Shawe-Taylor) ISBN-13: 978-0521813976
  • Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis (Xinkun Wang; CRC Press 2016) ISBN-10: 1482217880

Required professional competences

  • Knowledge
    • knowledge of the relevant network and data science for biotechnology and systems biology
    • knowledge of bioinformatics methods
  • Skills
    • ability to understand and use tools and methods in computational biology
    • capability of designing and developing new algorithms and complex data analysis pipelines